Re(?)starting this blog

It seems that I opened this blog on May 26th, 2003, as I have a post as of that date. But I have not done anything with it ever since then. I have done some writing and blogging (mostly with my company blog), but not with this one.

Now, I would like to start blogging with this in English. I like the idea of being part of broader and more diverse global community, which means better chance of engaging in exchange of interesting ideas and viewpoints. Also, as I have some web application projects that are (hopefully) for anyone in the world, I thought I needed a communication channel with which to have conversations with people on the net.

I am amazed at people, except full-time bloggers, who post several times a week, not to mention who post more than once everyday. I don't think I can do that, except for when I am very inspired or angry. I am also amazed by the pace of an issue rising and falling. I also like to talk about current topics, but I usually need some time to think (and to have the courage to publish in English) to express my thought on that. So, I may often respond to someone's thought after most people left the issue already.

Enough introduction and time to start blogging. Welcome to my blog!

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