Music labels and division of labor

(This is another comment on Techcrunch post about labels' trying to charge a flat fee for accessing music. I wonder if it is my mistake or Cocomment's problem...
I may write about Soribada, Korean P2P file sharing company, which could be a helpful benchmark for the US music industry.)

I agree with #1 bs. It is easy (and perhaps popular) to say music is only created by musicians. But it is not. There are instruments, road crew, concert halls, marketers, music retailers, reviewers, etc. No one seems to say road crew do not create value, but what’s so different about road crew vs. labels? Neither writes or performs music. I guess one looks cool and the other greedy and big? My business is tiny, but I don’t think being big is a sin.

Having said that, I predict that more and more of what music labels do will be crowdsourced. Thanks to technology, division of labor can be done outside of organizational boundaries more easily than before.

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