The first English version of Artpoli is up

We at Innomove Lab opened the first English version of Artpoli. You can see it at www.artpoli.com.

Artpoli is an open community and marketplace for arts. We are based in Korea, and it was quite natural that we started with Korean artists. And because established artists have relationships with art galleries, it was also natural that we attracted artists who are not known. So, in principle we are an open space for any artist, but for now we have Korean artists who are mostly young and not famous.

We plan to add features like commerce, commenting, and community that Korean version has, but at the moment we have the only the most basic feature for an art site, that is to display arts. But we wanted to open earlier and build incrementally with feedback, while letting you enjoy the artworks of Korean artists.

Most of the user generated texts, including title, artist nicknames, and descriptions, are translated using Google Translate. It is better than nothing and sometimes does a good job, but we may need to have humans translate the content later.

Anyway, it is a start. Please enjoy and let me know if you have any feedback.


  1. I enjoy the english version of artpoli. but i actually enjoy your "gateway" page more. it's bitingly sarcastic. anyway, would love to find out more about your company innomove and if your free for coffee one day, i'd also like to meet.
    -david kim

  2. I would be happy to talk with you. Send me an email or give me a call (at the number at the bottom of Artpoli.com's Korean site).

  3. Going through something so fantastic has a retouching power for the heart and mind.