Division of a state could make people happier

Visalia Journal - Farmers Lead a Bid to Create 2 Californias - NYTimes.com
I came to believe having more choices in the type of government to live under is the way to go. This applies to Korea, and probably many countries, where people with differing views fight all the time competing for the single prize of the central government.
In the current democracy, you basically take turns. We live happily for some years, and complaining for the others. Imagine how painful you will be if you are required to use Apple or Windows, whichever is not your preferred OS, based on a poll. Is having a government whose policies you don't like less painful than using an OS that you don't prefer?
A big and powerful country have been a desirable thing, just like a large corporation has been. But the reality is that the advance of technology and the way people work together is making it much less so.
Actually, if politics reflects the underlying economic reality, I think this, more choices of government, will happen following what's happening in the market.
Whether it is delegating more authorities to the local provinces or spliting jurisdiction, we need to figure it out.

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