Dilemma of free (and freemium)

Defined too loosely, Freemium is pointless. I wonder whether that's not what some people are trying to do, by arguing that News Corp's move is Freemium. Maybe true, but then what's not so Freemium? Free samples existed forever and everywhere.

Freemium was the savior of the original (more radical) Freeconomics, which had too much intellectual flaws. (Near zero marginal cost naturally leading to zero price?) People seemed excited, but some in the free camp seemed to realize its ground was weak. Then came Freemium, which was reasonable, and did not have much controversial arguments. We all know it worked, even before Internet. It just has a more aggressive, modern, and digital feel. However, there is one problem. It is not as controversial as the original radical free. And because free samples were with us forever, Freemium was there to be defined. As a special and new way of using free or as a new terminology for an old practice.

Make the concept sharp and the camp looses Rupert Murdoch, who everyone knows is tough and smart, or make the concept loose (thereby boring) and you still have him as an ally. Dilemma?

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